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How Much Does It Cost To Get a Power Flush In 2024?

How much does it cost to get a power flush in 2024?

power flushing is an essential part of central heating system maintenance, but how much will it cost you in 2024? Find out more in this article!

Noticed strange banging or rattling noises coming from your boiler?

Maybe your radiators require constant bleeding, or you’re experiencing frequent boiler breakdowns?

These are all classic signs that your central heating system is in need of a power flush.

Regular power flushing is more important than you realise – it will help to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, extend the life of your boiler, and save money on your energy bills.

But what’s the cost of powerflushing services these days?

In this article, our experts delve into the factors that determine the price of a power flush, and offer insight into how much you’ll pay for one in 2024.


What is a power flush and why do I need one?

The objective of a power flush is to remove all of the limescale, rust, sludge, and other debris from your system’s pipes that have built up over the years.

Connecting a power flushing machine, either to the pump head or circulation pump on your boiler, a heating engineer will flush a cocktail of cleaning chemicals through the pipework to dislodge all the gunk from within.

From start to finish, the power flushing process should take around 6-10 hours, depending on the size of your property, how many radiators/rooms you have, and the severity of the blockage.

This is an essential part of boiler maintenance, and if you fail to keep up with regular power flushing, your boiler will struggle to heat your home. As a result, your energy bills will skyrocket – which, amid the cost of living crisis, isn’t ideal.


How much will it cost to have my central heating system power flushed?

The average cost of power flushing ranges between £350-£800, but costs can vary depending on a few different factors, including:

The size/type of your property

Naturally, the bigger your home, the more expensive your power flush will be.

For example, a power flush will cost much more in a four-bedroom house than it will in a two-bedroom house.

This is usually because it will take an engineer much longer, and they may need to use more materials than they would in a smaller property.

The number of radiators/rooms

Usually, the more rooms you have in your home, the more radiators you’ll have, which can cause the power flush cost to climb for the same reasons as above.

The type of boiler you have

Some central heating systems are much more difficult to power flush than others, and the more complex the system, the more expensive it will be to power flush.

The severity of the build-up

The bigger the build-up inside your pipes, the longer it will take and the more materials will be required to remove it, which can lead to a pretty pricey bill.

Your location

Like most services, power flushing tends to be more expensive for those who live in or close to major cities than for those who live in rural areas of the UK.

The company you work with

Whilst some companies will charge by the hour, others will charge by the day or per job – and, of course, rates differ from firm to firm.

Here at Powerflush Geek, we’re proud to offer some of the most competitive prices for power flushing in the North West and would be more than happy to offer you a personalised quote.


How often do I need to power flush my boiler?

If you’ve just installed new radiators or a new boiler, it’s a good idea to book in for a power flush straight away to ensure your new system can function efficiently.

If your boiler and heating system is over five years old, it needs a power flush every 5-6 years to keep blockages at bay and ensure everything is properly maintained.


Need more info?

Here at Powerflush Geek, we’ve been the go-to company for those seeking high-quality, reliable power flush services in the North West for decades.

To find out more about the central heating power flush cost in your area, or to book an appointment with one of our expert power flushing engineers, give us a call today on 07444 203 403 – or email us at info@powerflush-geek.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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