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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


The Power Flushing machine is connected to the heating system and pumps water at a high velocity through the heating system. The process is even more effective by adding the cleaning chemicals.

Power Flush usually takes 1 day but for the bigger or extremely dirty systems, it could take more.

Radiator water is dirty, Radiators are not working, Heating system takes longer to warm up, Cold spots in radiators, Unusual noise, Repeated pump failure, Blockage in the heating system, Increasing energy bill.

System check-up, Cleaning chemicals, Inhibitor, Radiator bleeding, Thermal imaging, Balancing heating system, Water quality certificate.


That depends on the condition of your system and the unusual symptoms you might experience.

That depends on the water quality in your heating system. If the heating system is maintained properly we recommend getting Power Flush once in 10 years.

The most effective way is to install a Magnetic system filter and have your Inhibitor level checked up annually.

Radiators and pipework can get blocked and it might require replacement, often boiler breakdowns, the energy bill will increase, your heating system will struggle to heat your house.


Definitely yes, there isn’t a more effective way how to clean your heating system.

Boiler manufacturers do not recommend Power Flush through the boiler. A boiler can be damaged, blocked and the boiler warranty could be void. Power Flush Geek will isolate the boiler before the work takes place.

No, Power Flushing is a cleaning process, leaks can only occur if there was a pre-existing issue.

You will receive a Certificate about heating system water quality after we cleaned it.


Yes, Power Flush might take longer because flow rates and water velocity will be reduced.

Yes, we are offering plumbing, heating gas services if required

Boiler manufacturers require that system have to be cleaned when a new boiler is installed. There are more options for how to clean the heating system however the Power Flush is the Most Effective one.