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Do you need a PowerFlush?

PowerFlush will clean your system and make it work more efficiently. Why don’t you book an appointment and our engineer will find out what is going on?

What will our engineer do in your home?

We will perform several checks and take some measurements such as:

powerflush geek

After the test, we will be able to diagnose the issue and give you an answer to the question of whether your system needs or doesn’t need PowerFlush.

By email, you also get a report from Adey ProCheck, this report will include important information about your heating system heath.


What other outcome from the test you could get?

Well, here are some answers to what your system might need:

All this for only 115£.

If System Check-Up confirms that you need a Powerflush this 115£ will be deducted from your Powerflush invoice.

When System Check-up confirm that your system needs the following:

Balance the heating system, Remove Airlock, Top-up Inhibitor Level, Install Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor or Magnetic Filter we will not do any further work or charge you extra without your permission.

Don’t wait any longer and Book your System Check-up now.

A Powerflush Has Many Advantages

To understand “do you need a PowerFlush,” let’s help you go over it’s advantages. Sludge accumulates over time in all radiator heating system and require regular cleaning and maintenance.

We utilize specialized chemicals and powerful magnets to cleanse the system and remove the sludge and debris, allowing your system to work fully. As part of our PowerFlush, we’ll rebalance your heating system and apply inhibitors to help keep it running efficiently in the future.

Save Money

Don't take the chance of a boiler failure. Increase the lifespan of your heating system, cut your utility costs, and save money! When you use our Powerflush service, you can:

save money

One Of Our Greatest Assets Is Our Years Of Experience

With the help of Powerflush Geek, you can be assured your home will be more comfortable, and your energy expenses will be lower because the firm has the expertise to remove the sludge from your central heating system properly. Don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and check out our work on Instagram to see for yourself. Are you still wondering, “do you need a Powerflush?” Call us for a Powerflush check and leave the rest to us.