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1.0 Definitions of Powerflush Geek

1.1 For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:

(a) “The Company” shall mean Powerflush Geek

(b) “The Customer” shall mean the person or organization for whom the Company agrees to carry out works & supply materials.

(c) “The Engineer” shall mean the representative appointed/employed by the Company.

1.2 Any works carried out by the company are in accordance with these terms and conditions.

1.3 Powerflush customer – Powerflush are explained in detail in following 17.0 Powerflush

1.4 For the purposes of these terms, “in writing” includes by email and any document which is set out in a hand-held device and any signature on a hand held screen shall be treated as in writing.

1.5 No amendments can be made to the Terms and Conditions unless in writing authorized by the company.

1.6 Any descriptions or imagery and illustrations (whether displayed on the company’s website, in either online or offline marketing materials, catalogues, price lists or other) are provided only as a general guide to the works and services provided by the company. No part of these shall form part of any contract.

1.7 All content on our website and social media accounts including graphics and logos are the sole property of the company, and cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed in part or in full, without previous written permission from the company.

1.8 Lifetime Warranty The system needs to be serviced and Check-up annually for water quality. The following parameters need to be checked – inhibitor level, corrosion levels, pH value of water, water hardness test and TDS total dissolved solids.  The system needs to be checked and serviced by Engineer appointed by Company.

2.0 Estimates and Quotation

2.1 The value of the estimate is what we expect to charge Customer for the works, based on our initial discussions. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or unexpected issues arising, it may be necessary to review the original price and provide Customer with a new estimate. Customer have the right to accept or decline the revised price.

2.2 The Company shall not be under any obligation to provide an estimate to the Customer. The Company shall not be bound by any estimates given orally.

2.3 The estimate is based on a non-intrusive survey of the property and, as such, it is assumed that any existing systems that we connect to are in good condition and in working order. Should we find, during the course of the works, any faults with the existing systems we reserve the right to make a charge for correcting such a fault. Should the customer fail to mention any relevant facts relating to the existing installation we reserve the right to make a charge for correcting those faults.

2.4 This estimate is open for acceptance for a period of 30 days providing the works can be commenced within 90 days both periods from the date of estimate and thereafter may be subject to revision or withdrawal.

2.5 This estimate does not include any parking fees levied in Controlled Parking Zones. Any such fees incurred will be passed onto the Customer at cost.

2.6 Estimates are not fixed price or firm prices unless specifically stated. The estimate is a detailed assessment of minimum costs based on a visual inspection carried out by the company, together with any details made available by the customer. The final price will be determined by the quote.

2.7 The company reserves the right to increase the price in advance of commencing any work should there be an increase in the cost to the company occurring after the date of the original estimate provided (whether in writing or by email). This includes the costs of additional materials, labour, equipment hire and transport. Should the final price be more than 25% above the estimate price the customer has the right to cancel the contract on condition that it is before any work takes place, including any ordering of materials or hiring of equipment.

2.8 The company has the right to alter any estimate it has provided if after submission of the estimate or works carried out, it is determined that there was a discernible error when the estimate was prepared.

2.9 The company reserves the right to charge for the collection of materials, parts and equipment from any supplier unless an estimate for this work has been submitted previously. If the company is on-site while the said materials are collected, then the time taken for this will be treated as part of the works and charged at the appropriate rate.

2.10 Should the customer accept an estimate and subsequently cancel the order, the customer will reimburse the company any and all costs (including labour, materials, administration, purchasing and collecting material and equipment hire).

2.11 Any defects of deficiencies found in an existing building or flues or in an existing system which requires to be attended to for satisfactory completion of the Services or to satisfy statutory requirements and not `specifically referred to in the Quote shall be the responsibility of the Customer. If the Customer arranges for any part or the whole of such work to be carried out by Company it shall be the subject of a separate Quote or be charged as an extra on a time and materials basis. Company reserves the right to refuse to undertake the Services.

2.12 No labour charge will be made if the Company is unable to diagnose the fault because of a lack of expertise.

2.13 The price specified in estimate does not include for the removal of any dangerous waste materials such as asbestos found when carrying out the works. This will be subject to an extra charge.

2.14 Where other trades are involved in the works and these trades are not under our control any delays that may be caused to our progress by these trades may be subject to an extra charge and/or delay in completion.

2.15 The written quotation follows the estimate and is the final price for the works discussed, including labour and materials, additional costs including expenses. Any subsequent variation to the works (including, without limitation, if Customer change the scope or if unforeseen circumstances or unexpected issues arise) will likely result in a new or revised written quotation. Customer have the right to accept or decline the new quotation. Should Customer choose to decline, all works will cease and, on receipt of our invoice, Customer must pay in full for all works already completed in accordance with the original quotation.

2.16 Unless otherwise stated, the Quote does not cover any work by other trades. If work by other trades is specified within the Quote, Company reserves the right to nominate sub-contractors to effect the same at its discretion. Any disputes arising from such sub-contracted work will not be reason for withholding payment for other work included in the Quotation.

2.17 The company reserve the right to charge by hourly rate to the customer for whatever reason if the customer is not at home if previously agreed on the date and time by appointment.

2.18 Dismantling, clearing and reinstatement of any fitted cupboards, etc. to permit the proposed works to proceed will be charged at extra cost unless specified.

2.19 There is a minimum charge of one hour on all jobs. Thereafter labour is charged in half hour increments. Our office will provide a written estimate if required before work commences. If an engineer attends site and access cannot be gained our hourly labour charge will apply. Our maximum waiting time for access to be granted is 15 minutes.

2.20 The Company hourly labour charge will be applied from the point of attendance at the Customer’s premises. It applies to the diagnosis of faults as well as the provision of the Services, and even if the Customer does not proceed with instructing the Company to provide any Services after diagnosis.

3.0 Payments

3.1 All appointments made with the company for works to be provided (including fixed price works and estimates) are due for payment specified on the quote or invoice.

3.2 The company will issue partial invoices for larger contracts and these again will be due from the date of the invoice within the time specified date. If the customer becomes not to pay those partially invoices company reserve the right not to continue with work any extra expenses cause by this situation will be charged to the customer.

3.3 Where the services or works provided by the company are found to have any minor faults which need to be rectified by the company, the customer agrees to pay 95% of the total invoice amount immediately after the works are completed. The customer must then allow the company access without delay so that any faults can be resolved and completed. Payment will be due for the remaining 5% balance after the fault has been corrected, or within 7 days of the invoice date if access has not been made available – whichever is sooner.

3.4 Unless payment has been made and received in full, the company is not required to supply any guarantees, certificates or other similar documents to the customer for works carried out. This does not affect the customer’s statutory rights.

3.5 The Company may require the Customer to pay part of the Price in advance by way of deposit, for example, if the costs of Goods required is likely to be significant.

3.6 Company will charge the Customer for all reasonable costs and expenses (including legal costs and costs of any third party debt recovery service) incurred by the Supplier in the collection of any overdue amount.

3.7 Gas safety certificateThe Company shall charge for Gas Safety Certificates regardless of the outcome (pass or fail) and whether a physical certificate is provided. This charge is for the attendance and technical expertise in making the assessment of the safety of the appliances.

3.8 Company refuse to deliver or install any balance of goods or provide any further Services, or guarantee services, whether under this Agreement or any other agreement or otherwise until payment is made in full.

3.9 Full payment terms (including, where relevant, interval payments to be made customer) are as set out in the applicable quotation. For the avoidance of doubt, Customer agree to settle any undisputed invoice in full within 7 days of invoice and Customer further agree to pay us interest Bank of England base rate on any payments not settled in accordance with these Terms and the terms of the applicable quotation.

3.10 The company fee and procedure for late payments areas listed below. The company will be contacted customer by phone and email to the phone number and email address providing by the customer. If payment is not made in full by the date displayed on the invoice company will proceed with the following steps and administration fees.

(a) Send the first warning list in writing by the post to the address provided by the customer in time of 7 late days from the date due displayed on the invoice, asking for immediate payment in full – an administration fee of 40 £ will be charged to the customer.

(b) Send the second warning list in writing by the post to the address provided by the customer in time of 14 late days from the date due displayed on the invoice, asking for immediate payment in full – an administration fee of 40 £ will be charged to the customer.

(c) Send the third warning list in writing by the post to the address provided by the customer in time of 21 late days from the date due displayed on the invoice, asking for immediate payment in full – an administration fee of 40 £ will be charged to the customer.

(d) Send the Letter before the claim on notice that court proceedings may be brought against the customer.

4.0 Customer Responsibilities

4.1 If the customer and company agree that the customer will be responsible for providing the measurements for some or all of the materials and/or products needed for the works, the customer alone will bear the cost of replacing the said materials and/or products in the event the measurements are incorrect.

4.2 If the customer and company agree that the customer will be responsible for providing some or all of the materials and/or products needed for the works, Customer alone will bear the cost of replacement in the event the said materials and/or products turn out to be faulty and/or unsuitable.

4.3 The customer will inform the company, prior to the works commencing, of any hazards or potential hazards are known or suspected in or around the premises where the works are due to be carried out.

4.4 The customer will grant us access to the premises where the works are to be carried out and will ensure that all necessary consents, permissions, and licenses, if any, have been obtained in advance of the works commencing.

4.5 Customer will ensure the safe and secure storage equipment left (with Customer permission) at the premises during the works and will be accountable to us for any loss of or damage to such equipment.

4.6 The customer will be (unless included as part of the quotation) be responsible for any necessary improvements to and/or redecorating of the premises following the completion of the works.

4.7 It is the customer responsibility to protect the items, the company will not be liable for damage to unprotected fixtures and fittings. The customer must make reasonable preparations for works to be executed. This includes the preparation of work areas to avoid damage to fixtures and fittings.

4.8 The company will not accept liability for damage to fixtures and fittings not being removed but in the area, works are being carried out.

4.9 Unless the Quotation specifies otherwise, the Customer will be responsible for any cleaning and redecorating which is necessary to the Site after the Supplier has completed the agreed services.

4.10 The Customer will notify the Company in advance of any defect in the gas, electricity, plumbing and water systems in the Customer’s premises which are known to him.

4.11 It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all children and pets are kept away from the areas in which we are working.

4.12 The customer shall be solely liable for any hazardous situation in respect of Gas Safe regulations, or gas warning notice issued, unless otherwise caused by our Gas Safe operative.

4.13 Company has the use of all necessary facilities at the Customer’s in order that can undertake the work.

4.14 The customer shall obtain permission for the company to proceed over property belonging to neighbours or third parties if this is necessary. The customer shall indemnify the company in all aspects of claim from neighbouring/third party properties arising out of the presence of the company or its employee’s/representatives.

5.0 Company Responsibilities

5.1 The company will undertake the works with all due care, skill and diligence, will complete the works within a reasonable timeframe and will ensure that we comply at all times with all applicable laws and regulations.

5.2 The company will supply one or more workers, as necessary, undertake the works for Customer. Unless agreed otherwise, the person(s) supplied will be at our discretion and may or may not be the same as the person(s) who provided Customer with the original estimate and/or quote.

5.3 Company confirms that we hold, and will continue to hold, a valid and current Public Liability Insurance Policy and, where relevant, Employers Liability Insurance Policy.

5.4 The company shall at all times be registered and remain in good standing with such organizations as may be relevant for the purposes of permitting him to self-certify the compliance of the services provided with the relevant building regulations or alternatively if he is not so accredited then he shall make arrangements for a building inspector to certify the compliance of the services provided with the relevant building regulations.

5.5 If waste removal is agreed the company shall be responsible for managing and arranging the safe and lawful disposal of any waste materials which are generated or removed from the Customer’s property as a result of the provision of the services.

6.0 Guarantee

6.1 If, after the Company shall have carried out the works, the Customer is not wholly satisfied with the works then the Customer shall give notice in writing within 12 months to the Company and shall afford the Company, and its insurers, the opportunity of both inspecting such works and carrying out any necessary remedial works if appropriate. The Customer accepts that if he fails to notify the Company as aforesaid then the Company shall not be liable in respect of any defects in the works carried out.

6.2 The Guarantee shall be for labour only in respect of faulty workmanship for 12 months from the date of completion with the manufacturer’s warranty in force. The Guarantee will become null and void if the work/appliance completed/supplied by the Company is:

(a) Subject to misuse or negligence.

(b) Repaired, modified or tampered with by anyone other than a Company Engineer. The Company will accept no liability for, or guarantee suitability, materials supplied by the Customer and will accept no liability for any consequential damage or fault.

6.3 Upon Boiler installation/replacement – a drop in system pressure may be experienced in days, weeks or months following installation. If this occurs, we cannot be held responsible for any drop in pressure due to the existing system. Our warranty covers boiler installation only unless otherwise stated. Any call out made for drop in pressure would be chargeable if found not related to boiler installation.

6.4 The Company will not guarantee any work in respect of future blockages in waste & drainage systems.

6.5 Work is guaranteed only in respect of work directly undertaken by the Company and once payment in full has been made. Work carried out by other parties is not guaranteed.

6.6 This guarantee does not extend to existing installed equipment, pipework, fittings to anything not installed by company.

6.7 This guarantee shall not become effective until the Customer has paid the Company in full, failing which the Customer shall not be entitled to claim the benefit of this guarantee.

6.8 Exclusions are:

(a)Any parts or materials supplied by the company will only be provided with the manufacturers or suppliers guarantee, and are not guaranteed by the company

(b)Any systems or structures which have not been installed by the company

(c)Any defects resulting from the misuse, wilful act or faulty workmanship by the customer or any other third party working for or under the direction of the customer.

(d)Any structural defects, such as but not limited to subsidence and its resultant effect.

(e) Any damage to drainage systems caused by any outside force or root penetration.

7.0 Materials and Products

7.1 For the avoidance of doubt, all materials and/or products supplied and delivered to the customer during the course of the works shall remain the property of the Company until such time as the works have been paid for in full by the customer following receipt of our invoice. Title to such materials and/or products will transfer to customer only when full payment has been received by us.

7.2 Title to any goods, supplied by the Company to the Customer shall not pass to the Customer but shall be retained by the Company until payment in full for such goods has been made by the Customer to the Company. Until such time as title in the such goods has passed to the Customer:

(a) the Company shall have absolute authority to repossess, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of all any or part of such goods in which title remains vested in the Company

(b) for the purpose specified in (a) above, the Company or any of its agents or authorized representatives shall be entitled at any time and without notice to enter any premises in which goods or any part thereof is installed, stored or kept, or is reasonably believed so to be.

(c) the Company shall be entitled to seek a court injunction to prevent the Customer from selling, transferred or otherwise disposing of such goods. Notwithstanding the foregoing, risk in such goods shall pass on delivery of the same to the Customer and until such time as title in such goods has passed to the Customer.

(d) the Company will be charged the Customer a necessary fee to remove and uninstall any unpaid items

7.3 Whilst certain items may be specified by name or model, we reserve the option to supply goods of different manufacture providing they shall be suitable for the purpose intended. Consideration will be made where the customer will be specified the exact make and the model.

7.4 Any items or materials supplied by the Customer or others for our fixing will be unpacked and inspected. Any faults found will be pointed out to the Customer whose responsibility it will be to obtain replacement items. Any delays caused by faulty or damaged items may be chargeable, may result in us withdrawing from the site and may affect the completion date of the works.

7.5 If the Customer cancels their instructions prior to any work being carried out or materials supplied then the Customer shall be liable for any related expenditure by the Company had the work been carried out and/or materials supplied in accordance with such instructions.

7.6 Any Goods supplied under this Agreement shall be at the Customer’s risk as from delivery to the Customer’s premises save for damage caused to such goods by any negligent act of the Supplier or any of its subcontractors and the Customer will be responsible for insuring the Goods from the time risk passes.

7.7 If the customer supplies the material and for whatever reason installation is not possible due to wrongly providing materials, wrongly measured, not fit for purpose, not in accordance with British standard or installation location will not be accordance to British standard the customer will be charged a fee for Companies expertise, engineer advice and time spent in the property.

8.0 Insurance

8.1 Notwithstanding the risk in such goods shall pass on delivery of the same to the customer and until such time as title in such goods has passed to the customer, the customer shall insure such goods to their replacement value and the customer shall forthwith.

8.2 Customer taking full responsibility for materials straight after delivery. Any losses, damage or theft will be the responsibility of the customer, in such a situation customer will cover all financial losses coming to from such situations.

8.3 Company Public Liability Insurance covers only Company work, any defects and damages on the existing installation will not be cover by Company Insurance.

9.0 Limitation of Liability

9.1 Company shall not be responsible for any defects in the Goods or the Services which are not notified in writing to it within the Guarantee Period nor for any defects notified to it within this period but not in accordance with the time limits 12 moths upon the work completion above nor for any defects which are the fault of the Customer or any third party.

9.2 The Company shall not be liable under contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any indirect or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind whatever and however caused whether arising under this Agreement, including without limitation any loss of income or profits.

9.3 The company shall not be liable for any change to the Specification of the Goods if the variation does not materially affect the characteristics of the Goods, and the substituted materials (if any) are of comparable quality to the originals.

9.4 Where any specific risk is identified on the Risk Assessment noted, the company shall not be liable for such risk or event and the Customer agrees to bear such risk.

9.5 The Company does not provide qualified telephone advice, and does not accept liability for advice which the Customer may claim to have received by telephone.

9.6 The customer shall indemnify the Company against all actions, claims, demands, suits, losses, costs, expenses and charges which the company may incur from a third party, and which result from a breach of the customer’s obligations, undertakings and representations and warranties in connection with this contract.

10.0 Attendance

10.1 Where the date for works to be carried out is agreed by the Company with the Customer, then the Company shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the operative shall attend on the date and at the time agreed. However, the Company accepts no liability in respect of the non-attendance or late attendance on site of the Engineer or for the late or non-delivery of materials.

10.2 All dates given for the start of or duration of the works are given in good faith based on the information gained during the survey and our current workload commitments. These times may be varied, however, due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. emergency callouts, breakdowns, etc. or to circumstances beyond our control. No liability will be accepted if it is not possible to meet the customer’s timescales.

11.0 Inspection of Works

11.1 The Customer shall inspect the Works as far as it is reasonably possible to do so immediately upon their completion (though failure to countersign the relevant Invoice Sheet shall not imply rejection of the Works) and if it considers that the Works or any part thereof are not in accordance with the Contract, it shall within 30 days from the date of inspection give detailed notice in writing thereof. In the absence of any such notice, the Works shall be conclusively presumed to be complete and free from any defect which would be apparent on reasonable examination.

12.0 Health and Safety

12.1 If at any point prior to or during agreed works factors arise which pose a health and safety risk to one of our Engineers, the Company reserves the right to withdraw services without notice. The Customer will be liable for payment in full for such works and/or labour and materials already carried out/expended on the job. This right arises where the health and safety issue is not a result of the company’s actions.

12.2 The customer will at all times ensure the environment is safe for the Company and its engineers/representatives for the purpose of carrying out the works. Customer must inform and provide Company with information about Health and Safety issue.

13.0 Force Majeure

13.1 Neither party shall be held liable for any delay or failure in fulfilling their obligations under these Terms where such delay or failure results from circumstances beyond that party’s control (including, but not limited to, an act of God, fire, act of government or state, prevention from or hindrance in obtaining any raw materials, energy or other supplies, industrial action or labour disputes of whatever nature, and any other reason beyond the control of that party).

13.2 The Company shall not be liable for any delay or for the consequences of any delay in performing any of its obligations if such delay is due to any cause whatsoever beyond its reasonable control and the Company shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time for performing such obligations.

14.0 Removal of Waste and Material

14.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to remove any waste products that result from the works provided by the company and the company is not responsible for removing any such waste.

14.2 The company is not responsible for the removal of any waste materials unless specified in the quote and agreed. The customer is responsible for the removal of any/all waste materials resulting from the works carried out by the company.

15.0 Damage

15.1 Whilst all reasonable care will be taken during the execution of the works, no responsibility can be accepted for any faults or failures that may occur to existing pipework, fittings, equipment, etc. due to disturbance caused by the proposed works.

15.2 If during the execution of the proposed works it is necessary to gain access into floors below fitted carpets, these will be lifted by us and laid back on completion. No re-stretching or fixing has been allowed unless specified. For floors covered with thermoplastic tiles, a vinyl sheet covering, cork tiles or laminate flooring, no allowance has been made for reinstatement unless specified.

15.3 Whilst all holes formed during the execution of the proposed works will be made good on completion, no allowance has been made for reinstatement of decorations. We do not guarantee to match existing brickwork where boiler flue terminals have been removed.

15.4 No allowance has been made for casing in of pipework or painting/decorating of the new works.

15.5 The company is not liable for any fractures that occur in frozen pipes that have been attended to by the company and do not guarantee to remove blockages if they occur within frozen pipes or drainage systems.

15.6 The company will not be held responsible for any damage to the property (such as fixings, holes etc.) if this has not been obtained, and in the event of equipment supplied or installed requiring removing or re-positioning, extra charges will be incurred.

15.7 The company will not hold responsibility or liability for damage caused whilst investigating and repairing any plumbing, gas or drainage work, including blockages.

15.8 It is the responsibility of the customer to protect items of furniture, furnishings, fixtures and fittings. We will make reasonable efforts not to cause damage. It is suggested that the customer remove items that is considered to be a problem. If items remain within the working area, it is the responsibility of the customer to cover such items.

15.9 If damage to plaster and brickwork is caused it will be the customer’s responsibility to make good. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage to wallpaper, paintwork, tiles, carpet, furniture etc. Any silicone work does not carry any guarantee.

16.0 Annual Boiler Service

16.1 Our engineer will attend at the Property on the agreed date and will examine the Appliance and perform the Annual Service.

16.2 The Annual Service comprises the following;

(a) We will inspect Customer boiler and controls to make sure they’re working properly.

(b) We will check Customer boiler for corrosion and leaks.

(c) We will take the casing off Customer boiler to visually inspect the components.

(d) We will check the gas pressure.

(e) We will test the flue to make sure fumes are not entering customer property

(f) We will visually check water and gas pipework

(g) We will check flue stability and visual terminal position and condition

(h) We will clean the parts (if tests indicate that there is a requirement for this).

(i) We will ensure the casing is placed back on and check the seals.

(j) We give customer written and dated confirmation that the boiler has been serviced

(k) Where appropriate, we will leave a Gas Safe Warning notice if boiler is unsafe

16.3 Our engineers carry a comprehensive range of spare parts with them on each visit. If our engineer finds that the appliance is faulty, Customer may be given the option to arrange a repair to the appliance. If the appliance is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period, it is likely that this will be free of charge. If the appliance is out of warranty, this repair will be charged at the current standard rate.  If our engineer does not carry all parts necessary to repair the fault at the time of diagnosis, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for an engineer to return to perform the repair, if Customer so wish.

16.4 Prior to any repair works being undertaken, Customer will be notified of the costs relating to the repair. The cost will be inclusive of parts and labour for the repair being carried out.

16.5 We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that an engineer visits the Property on the agreed date. However, occasionally, due to circumstances outside our control, we may be unable to get an engineer to attend the Property on the agreed date. If this happens, we will contact Customer as soon as is reasonably practicable and agree an alternative date.

16.6 If Customer is unable to allow our engineer to access the Property on the agreed date, Customer should contact us as soon as is reasonably practicable.

16.7 Once inside the Property, if Customer Appliance has been installed in an area where it is inaccessible and our engineer cannot gain clear and safe access to it and is therefore unable to service the Appliance, we reserve the right to charge inspection fee of 55£

16.8 It is Customer responsibility to ensure that the work area is clear and safe, therefore in accordance with this, any potentially dangerous animal within the property is to be prevented from accessing this area. Company reserve the right to refuse to carry out the Annual Service if the work area is not safe.

16.9 Companies engineers drive vans and need to access to their van during the Annual Service to bring tools and equipment. Engineers must therefore be able to park within a practical distance from the Property – it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that parking is available.

16.10 Our engineers will make available their Identification badges and upon request their Gas Safe registration cards should Customer wish to locate them on the Gas Safe Register.

17.0 Powerflush


The company recommends that power flushing should be carried out on a regular basis every 5 – 10 years as part of comprehensive maintenance and repair of the heating system. If other plumbing/heating work is required this should be arranged separately.


17.1 Powerflushing is a cleaning service only. It is not a substitute for regular maintenance and repair of Customer heating system and it will not repair or replace incorrect installation or worn or damaged parts. The effectiveness of the clean is determined by several factors inherit from the heating system. The following factors can negatively impact of the Powerflush:

(a)Poorly/ incorrectly installed pipework

(b) Wrong type of pipework – particularly in Customer heating system has say “non-barrier pipe”

(c)Completely blocked pipework

(d)Damaged or worn radiator valves or radiators.

17.2 All labour is covered by public liability insurance.

17.3 Powerflush is booked and the quote provided covers one day of power flushing with an estimated time of 10 hours in domestic premises. In case the heating system is in bad condition and

requires further cleaning, we will inform the customer and provide a further quote and the date of the work.

17.4 Powerflushing is the cleaning process and we can not guarantee the Powerflush results, especially in cases where the system is blocked or the flow of the water is restricted by blockages.

17.5 Microbore pipes and all the pipes with diameters lower than 15mm could be Powerflushed but we can not guarantee the results due low flow rate through these types of pipes.

17.6 We have to fully open and close your radiator valves and valves in your heating system according to work carried out. If your radiators valves are old, faulty, haven’t been used for a long time or not working at all they might start leaking after any operation with them. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep valves in good condition and Company not taking any responsibility for the malfunctions or leaks. We can provide a quote for replacement or repair if possible.

17.7 We will bleed your radiators after Powerflushing but any airlock removal in the pipework would be charged extra and could require booking an extra appointment.

17.8 Should the works include a power flush of the existing heating system, it must be pointed out that, whilst this treatment is generally harmless, depending on the condition of the existing components the process may find weaknesses in the system. Should any such problems be encountered then any rectification works required may be charged at extra cost.

17.9 Whilst company will use all reasonable steps to discover any deficiencies with Customer central heating system before carrying out the Powerflush, company are not responsible

for any damage caused by the Powerflush as a result of any faulty components and equipment, poorly made joints or pin-holed radiators caused by internal or external corrosion that could not have been reasonably identified before the Powerflush commenced.

17.10 Company need to use a suitable drain point to remove the dirty water. This is usually an outside drain where practicable, however, in some cases, company may need to use a sink or toilet. Dirty water may cause staining to sanitary wear.

17.11 Prior to carrying out the Powerflush, our engineer will advise Customer of any deficiencies with Customer central heating system that may cause the problem with Customer central

heating system to return after the Powerflush has been undertaken. In these circumstances, our engineer will provide Customer with a quote for the cost of carrying out any

additional work which may be necessary. If Customer decline to have the necessary work done, company may cancel this Contract and customer will have to pay us any costs company have reasonably incurred in connection with the contract which company shall be entitled to invoice Customer for.

17.12 In carrying out a Powerflush of Customer central heating system, Company shall:

(a) Add cleaning chemicals to Customer central heating system

(b) Remove Customer central heating pump and check it’s condition. Company will tell Customer if it needs replacing and provide a quote for us to do this

(c) Use a powerflush machine to flush through each radiator and section of Customer central heating system including the boiler

(d) Add an inhibitor to Customer central heating system once the work has been completed, which will help to prevent future corrosion inside the central heating System

(e)Company may carry out the above activities either during the same visit or arrange separate appointments for each stage as is necessary.

17.13 Balancing the system is included in the job, however incorrectly design heating system might not be possible to balance perfectly.

17.14 Where company do not carry out an inspection of Customer Central Heating System before giving Customer a quotation, company will be relying on the information provided by customer in giving this quotation. Should this information be inaccurate or if following an inspection of Customer Central Heating System Company are unable to offer this product for any reason, company may increase the price or cancel this contract as a result. If company increase the price, company will tell Customer and company will send Customer a new order confirmation form to confirm this change.

17.15 The customer is responsible for making sure that:

  1. a) conditions at the Premises are suitable for us to carry out the PowerFlush
  2. b) all the necessary facilities, services and supplies are already installed and working at the premises. These include gas, electricity and water supply.

17.16 Unless company cause damage while company are at Customer property, company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property as a result of Customer appliance or system breaking or failing, including any cleaning needed or damage to fixtures or furniture. Company will not be responsible for any consequential losses, inconvenience or delay to works caused by product failure.

17.17 All heating circuits should have a suitable drain off point but some have been incorrectly installed and do not. If Customer heating circuit does not have a suitable drain point company may need to install one. Every effort will be made to reduce damage to Customer property, however, in rare cases, some water may escape when installing a suitable drain off point.

18.0 Drain

18.1 Company will not be liable for loss or damage to customer property (including any cleaning needed) or any other type of loss unless company are responsible for it.

18.2 Customer must let us, and any independent contractor used, know of any potential hazards or danger present to anyone carrying out work in customer property. customer must also ensure that there is clear access to relevant drains and covers and provide us with access to mains electricity and water.

18.3 The customer will accept responsibility for any damage that might be caused by jetting units, vacuum units and CCTV cameras/surveying units to unsupported or poorly installed pipes.

18.4 Please note our fee applies to a single blockage or single drain run that is not classified as having sewer abuse issues such as baby wipes/fat or building materials inside or defect in the pipework such as poorly laid pipes, subsided pipes, displaced joints, root ingress, damaged or cracked pipework. Company also require a nearby access point; for the more problematic/difficult jobs.

18.5 In some circumstances company may discover when on site of the drainage problem, that customer blockage is caused by the failure of the public drain and, or sewers. In such circumstances, company may reasonably reserve the right to apply a charge for our professional advice, having attended the site and diagnosing for customer that the liability is not customer. In these situations, customer will be advised that it is the responsibility of the water company. customer will be advised that customer should then approach customer water company for compensation.

18.6 If during installation, problems of structural issues arise, will have the right to call in a surveyor to further advise on the next step of action, and also put it down in writing at the customer’s expense, with the recommendations implemented by the customer at his expense as soon as possible, to enable proceed with work.

19.0 Miscellaneous

19.1 All notices to be given under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be sent to the address of the party concerned by first class post or by hand or email.

19.2 No delay or failure by the Company to exercise any of its powers, rights or remedies under this Agreement will operate as a waiver of them and any waiver, to be effective, must be in writing.

19.3 If any part of this Agreement, including for the avoidance of doubt limitation clauses its sub-clauses is found by a court or other competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable then such part will be severed from the remainder of this Agreement which will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

19.4 During the execution of the proposed works, it may be necessary to isolate various water, gas & electrical services. This will be advised in good time and the period of isolation will be as short as possible.

19.5 The company reserves the right to take photographs of the Customer’s facilities which are relevant to this Agreement, both before and after the provision of any Services.

19.6 Prior to the commencement of work involving gas appliances, the existing gas supply will be subjected to a soundness test/gas tightness test to check for compliance with gas safety regulations, any faults found will be advised to the customer and any rectification works required may be subjected to additional charges.

20.0 Cancellation and Termination


20.1 Should customer wish to cancel the contract between company and customer in respect of the works, Customer have fourteen (14) days in which to do so following Customer acceptance of our quotation.  Customer are obligated to pay for any services provided to Customer during this 14-day cancellation period.

20.2 If the Customer cancels their instructions less than 48 hours prior to any work being carried out or materials supplied then the Customer shall be liable for any related expenditure together with the profit that would have been made by the Company had the work been carried out. Customers will cover all expenses for returning the materials supplied in accordance with such instructions.

20.3 Should any contract with the company be terminated by the customer without consent from the company, the customer will indemnify the company against all loss, damage, claims or actions resulting from the cancellation, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any such cancellation does not affect the company’s right to payment.


20.4 The Company may terminate this Agreement or suspend its performance with immediate effect on written notice if:

(a) the Customer becomes bankrupt, a bankruptcy petition is entered or the Customer makes any arrangement with his creditors generally

(b) the Customer commits a material breach of this Agreement

(c) the Customer refuses to take delivery of the Goods or any part of them or to permit the Company to provide the Services on such date as is arranged

(d) the Customer defaults in paying the Price or any part of it

(e) In the event of a suspension, the Company shall be entitled to demand of any part of the Price not yet due for payment as a condition of re-commencing its performance.

(f) the Company may terminate this Agreement at its discretion at any time by giving 7 days notice in writing to the Customer

20.5 Upon termination of this Agreement for whatever cause the Customer shall pay to the company

(a) all monies then outstanding including any additional charges

(b) the total value of Goods delivered and Services performed up to the date of termination, the Price for which shall then become payable immediately

(c) any cancellation charges payable to the Company suppliers or sub-contractors

(d) the cost of the Goods ordered for the purposes of the Agreement for which the Company has paid or is legally bound to pay. The Company may at its discretion retain or take back part or all of the Goods in lieu of the payment attributable to such material

(e) the cost of removal from the Customer’s premises of any property of the Company

(f) Termination of this Agreement shall not affect any rights of the parties accrued to them up to the date of termination.

20.6 On the expiry or termination of this Agreement (for whatever reason) Company shall immediately upon the expiry or termination of this Agreement submit its final invoice to the Customer setting out the total amounts due to Company pursuant to this agreement.

21.0 Decline work

21.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse or decline work at its own discretion. Where the Company agrees to carry out works for the Customer those works shall be undertaken by the Company at its absolute discretion.

22.0 Complaints

22.1 We hope and expect that Customer will have no cause to complain about any aspect of our service. If, however, there is anything at any point that does not meet Customer expectations, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our utmost to make things right. However, if the issue is not related to products supply by the company / work provided by the company and everything was done correctly by standards and regulation we might charge Customer for our time.

Customer can contact us through our website – https://www.powerflush-geek.co.uk/ email – info@powerflush-geek.co.uk / Phone – 07444 203403

Thank you for your business! We very much look forward to working with you.